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After proudly serving nearly 21 years in the United States Coast Guard I reluctantly retired out of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan in September 2000 at the rank of Chief Warrant Officer.  I immediately applied for a Sheriff's Deputy position with a Northern Michigan Sheriff's Department (Corrections Division).  I was hired shortly after leaving the Coast Guard and I was promoted to Sergeant in 2005.  The rest is history....

Correctional Officers in our nation's 3,400 Jails admit and process about 14 million people a year, with nearly 800,000 offenders in Jail at any given time.  I'm proud to be a Jail Sergeant AND being directly involved with these statistics.  This job comes with a price however....without question it is the most violent, dangerous and stressful job in the world.

  •  I'm seeking interaction with other Jail Sergeants AND our hard working Corrections Officers.  (I think we all know you have to be a "different breed" to be employed in our line of work and magnify that a bit when you accept promotion to Sergeant).  There HAS to be a ton of stories out there where we all can relate with OR just make us laugh......equally important is the fact we can share all this with the GENERAL PUBLIC (who I strongly believe have absolutely no idea what we do and what we put up with at our jobs).  Please e-mail your stories/photos to me at the address listed below....others want to hear your stories.

  • I also openly invite former Inmates to "chime-in" with your own stories/experiences at your local County Bed -n- Breakfast.  From an Inmate's perspective.....we (and the general public) can only learn from your jail experience.   I know first hand that not everything is a joking matter when it comes to incarceration.  With that in mind.....let's hear both serious & humorous accounts of your stay behind bars.


















































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Northern Michigan
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My mailing address:

Kevin Sandvig
P. O. Box 511
  Interlochen, Michigan  49643

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"open to active and retired law enforcement officers, volunteers & supporters, civilians and Military who loves PEACE & FREEDOM."

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Thank you and stay safe out there!

Sergeant Kevin Sandvig
Jail Sergeant.com 

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