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ScanMichigan broadcasts a live police scanner from Kent County Michigan, covering Grand Rapids, Walker, Kentwood, Wyoming and the other surrounding areas.
  Live Police/Fire/EMS
Grand Rapids, Michigan
       (Kent County)

You are watching the original Snowman Cam located in Gaylord Michigan, one hour south of the Mackinac Bridge. The web cam on the left is live, therefore the video image is constantly in live motion (streaming). The web cam on the right uploads a new still webcam image every two minutes. 

Although Winter is when most people view the cams, you will also see other interesting activity on the webcams during the rest of the year. Deer, turkeys, fox, coyotes, raccoons, black bear, flying squirrels, porcupines and other wildlife can be viewed in live motion video wandering through the woods of northern Michigan.



Michigan Snow Cams directory gives you a current, live look at live weather conditions from around the State of Michigan. Whether you are a resident, tourist, hiker, hunter, snowmobiler, skier, snow shoer or just a winter enthusiast, be sure to check the snow cams list before making your travel plans.

View of Old Faithful Erupting. is the world's largest radio communications data provider, featuring a complete frequency database, trunked radio system information, and FCC license data. RadioReference is also the largest broadcaster of public safety live audio communications feeds, hosting thousands of live audio broadcasts of Police, Fire, EMS, and other associated communications

The Official Website of Yellowstone National Park - The Old Faithful WebCam


United States Radio Stations LIVE on the Internet          


Welcome to featuring a hand picked selection of American radio stations streaming live on the internet.

Listen to Live Streaming Audio Feeds from
 Radio Stations in the USA on the Web.



10-0 Use Caution
10-1 You are being received Poorly
10-2 You are being received Clearly
10-3 Stop Transmitting
10-4 O.K.
10-5 Relay Message
10-6 Busy with Call
10-7 Out of service, (completely)
10-7b Out of service (personal)
10-7c Out of service (court)
10-7od Out of service (off duty)
10-8 In service
10-8ot In service (over time)
10-9 Repeat last message
10-10 Out of service, Radio on
10-11 Give F.C.C. Call Sign/Dispatching too fast
10-12 Visitors or officials present
10-13 Advise weather and road conditions
10-14 Convoy or escort detail
10-15 Prisoner in custody
10-15m Prisoner in custody (mental case)
10-16 Pick up prisoner
10-17 Pick up papers
10-18 Complete present asignment ASAP/Get there quick/ASAP
10-19 Return to office
10-20 Your location
10-21 Call by telephone
10-21A Phone home, my ETA is _____
10-21B Call your home
10-22 Cancel last message/Take no further action
10-23 Stand by until channel clears
10-24 Emergency at station/all units return
10-25 Do you have contact with ___________
10-26 Driver's license check by number or name
10-27 Check for wants or warrants
10-28 Check registration on vehicle
10-29 Check for stolen for
10-29A Check wants, subject (PIN)
10-29R Check wants and record, subject (PIN, CJIC)
10-29C Check complete, subject (NCIC)
10-30 Does not conform to rules or regulations
10-31 Is lie detector available?
10-32 Is Intoxilizer available?
10-33 Emergency traffic/don't transmit unless necessary
10-33 Alarm (type: Audible, silent)
10-34 Clear for local dispatch or open door
10-35 Confidential information or open window
10-36 Correct time
10-37 Give me name of Operator on duty
10-38 Your destination
10-39 Your message is delivered/Requested unit enroute
10-40 Advise if officer _______ available for phone call
10-41 Call the station on alternate frequency
10-42 Officer ..... now at his home
10-43 Have _________ call his/her residence
10-44 Station _________ is calling your residence
10-45 Give name of Officer in Charge or Injured person
10-46 Advise if ________ available at phone
10-47 Officer ______ is available at _________
10-48 Not available for assignment/out for coffee or whatever
10-49 Pick up passenger at ___________
10-50 No traffic for you/resume patrol
10-51 Message for delivery by telephone
10-52 Message for delivery in writing
10-53 Do you have traffic for this station?
10-54 Unit and officer have left the Parish
10-54d Possible dead body
10-55 Unit and officer have returned to Parish
10-55d Send coroner
10-56 Teletype busy
10-57 Teletype broken or Firearms discharged
10-58 Teletype in service
10-59 Tape for repeat message
10-60 What is next for message # _____
10-61 Stand by for teletype message
10-62 Unable to copy radio, use teletype or meet in person
10-63 Net in use, stand by, will advise when clear
10-64 Net clear, go ahead with traffic
10-65 Clear for assignment
10-66 Clear for cancellation
10-67 All stations retransmit following
10-68 Repeat dispatch
10-69 Have you dispatched _______?
10-70 Net message for all stations
10-71 Proceed with traffic
10-72 Stand by for Civil Defense Test
10-73 Stand by for Civil Defense Traffic
10-74 Civil Defense Clear
10-75 Severe weather statement
10-76 Give daily traffic
10-77 Give mileage your unit
10-78 Send ambulance
10-79 Send wrecker
10-80 Tower lights out/Explosion/Lightening
10-80a Assist radio dispatcher
10-81 Officer ______ will be at your station
10-82 Reserve room for officer
10-83 Have _______ call station by phone
10-84 Advise ____ officer will return this date
10-85 Officer _____ on special detail or Meet with agent
10-86 Advise phone number your location
10-87 Give call letters of your station
10-88 Advise phone number of officer
10-89 Request radio servicemen be sent
10-90 Request teletype servicemen
10-91 Prepare for inspection of ______ by ________
10-91B Noisy animal (Barking)
10-91D Dead animal
10-91H Stray Horse
10-92 Your quality is poor
10-93 Your quality is good
10-94 Call station by teletype
10-95 Advise telephone call this station
10-96 Give test count
10-97 Arrived at scene
10-98 Last detail completed
10-99 Unable to receive your message
10-100 Out using restroom
10-102 Cruelty to animals
10-103 Disturbance
10-103f Disturbance by fight
10-103m Disturbance by mental person
10-106 Obscenity
10-107 Suspicious person
10-108 Officer down or Officer needs assistance
10-112 Impersonating an officer


Los Angeles Police Department

      Live Police Scanner  

Los Angeles Police Department - Hot Shots and Air / K9

 Live Audio Feed

California Highway Patrol

Live CHiPs Scanner

Mille Lacs Lake, Minnesota
This is a Cool Site....check it out

Plain talk: Law enforcement groups abandoning radio codes

Gone are the days where those with police scanners could hear local authorities dispatched to Code 72s or announce that they are out on Signal 5.

Never fear, authorities still work Code 72s or traffic accidents with injuries and they still take Signal 5s or meal breaks, but what was once broken down into code is now stated plainly, in every day language.

On Jan. 1, law enforcement in Henderson County abandoned their former method of speaking in code to each other on the police radio and have now embraced "plain language."

"Departments across the nation are going to plain talk," said Henderson Police Major David Piller. "Basically, you say what you mean."

"A nationwide push of emergency services has been interoperable communications ... departments able to talk to each other in major events," he said.

There are certain situations, Piller said, such as in a tornado or other disasters where many emergency agencies respond.

One department's codes could mean something else to another department, he said. "It's confusing."

"If you talk on the radio and don't know what's being said it hinders response and communication," Piller said.

The police department studied the issue of plain language and its possible transition to it for several months.

An argument against plain language, Piller said, has been that "codes are safe and give us the ability to communicate what we need to without other people knowing what we're saying."

That belief is false, he said, and gave "a false sense of security ... People good and bad regularly monitor scanners, and anyone who wants the codes can get them."

Another argument against plain language centered around the privacy of people who may need police assistance.

Piller said here again, anyone with a list of codes knows what's being said, and therefore, no one is really being protected.

"For sensitive information we can send it via MDT's (mobile data terminals installed in cruisers) or by telephone," he said.

Piller said the transition appears to be "going very well."

"With anything, it's a learning process. There are times (officers) forget" and use the codes, he said. "Codes are a habit. And like with anything else, you have to develop a new habit."

The Henderson County Sheriff's Office also made the transition to plain language in January.

"It takes a little to get used to ... because you used codes" so much in the past, said Sheriff Ed Brady.

"Old habits are hard to break ... but now that I'm getting used to it, I think it's OK," he said.

The Kentucky State Police utilize their own dispatch center and will continue to speak to each other via codes, said Trooper Corey King, public information officer with Post 16.

"When it comes to disasters or emergencies where we're working with multiple agencies, we go to plain language," he said.

Henderson Police Officer Jennifer Richmond is a roughly 12-year veteran of the agency.

For her, she said that the transition to plain language has been difficult.

"The use of codes has been ingrained in us from the beginning. I slip up on occasion," she said. "It's getting better."

"I understand the importance (of plain language) because if something big was to happen, each agency needs to know what's going on with the others," Richmond said.

HPD Officer Joe Whitledge is a relatively new police officer and said that for him, plain language was simply part of his training.

"It wasn't hard for me to transition because that's what I was trained in on," he said.

"Of course the codes can make for quicker communication, but plain speak can be effective when communicating with other agencies."

Plain language doesn't just affect law enforcement. It was also a transition for the ones dispatching the calls.

"We still throw in codes (sometimes) because that's what we're used to," said Annette Glenn, a Henderson County dispatcher. "Otherwise, it's not a problem."

"It's basically very similar to using another language, going from Spanish to English (or vice versa)," said dispatcher, Amy Pile.

"We still have to use codes when inputting things in the computer," she said. "There were a lot of things more comfortably said in code, like someone has a mental problem.

"(Using plain language) still can be confusing," she said. "We're still working out the bugs."

"I think it's easier as far as talking to other agencies," said dispatcher Jessica Snyder. "We still mess up sometimes. Overall, I think it's gone really well."

I originally launched as a small place on the web to share live air traffic communications from Boston's Logan Airport. Since then it has grown rapidly and become a popular resource for those who enjoy listening to and talking about Air Traffic Control (ATC)...aviation enthusiasts, student pilots, student air traffic controllers, flight simulation enthusiasts, FBO operators, airline operators, and just about anyone with an interest in aviation communications. It's even used by nervous flyers who want to simply get a peek into a world they don't normally get to experience (unless they're already flying on United Airlines and listening to Channel 9).

Dave Pascoe

This is just plain play button
Through EarthCam's LIVE webcams, you can see the hustle and bustle of Times Square, catch the action on the Vegas Strip, watch a sunrise over London's Big Ben, and enjoy beautiful sunsets in St. Thomas.
                          Explore your planet LIVE NOW!
Key West, Hog's Breath Saloon      
Live fluid streaming video

South Beach, North Beach,
Underwater, BeachBarCam

Antarctic Webcam

Live Webcams of Hong Kong

Cancun Webcam
This webcam is installed in downtown
Cancun, Mexico 

16 Live Cams - May see wild Animals
The world's first virtual game reserve

New York - Time Square, 6 Live Cams

Loutraki - Sunny Beach Views


Tour Guide of 50 States - Live Webcams
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Egypt        Hog's Breath Saloon        Bulgaria            Duvall Street        Amsterdam,
                  Key West, FL.                                 Key West, FL.      Netherlands

World - Webcams - Website
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Follow the news as it happens... LIVE!

Listen to the radio transmissions of your local Police
and Fire emergency services as they do their jobs.
Hear local Air Traffic Control and Rail frequencies too!

Public Safety Broadcasts on the Internet

"You can only tell so much from a picture, but listening to the audio you get a better perspective of what is going on."

 The links in this website will allow you to tune into many interesting frequencies located all over the world, FREE!  These frequencies include public safety agencies like police departments, fire departments, 911 dispatch centers, and many other users such as air traffic control towers and railroads. You will hear breaking news stories as they occur in real-time right from your laptop or desktop PC.

You don't need any specialized equipment or antennas. All you need are a couple of programs that allow streaming audio, chances are you may already have them installed! For some of the audio feeds you'll need a recent version of Real Audio Player, other feeds use Windows Media Player. If you already have both of these programs installed then you're all set to go!

Listed within this website are the Live Scanners on the internet that I know about. If you have a scanner, or know of one, that is currently broadcasting and it is not on this list, or find a link that is no longer "live" anymore, please use the contact information at the bottom of the page to let me know.

                   AWH Live! Police Scanner Website
                                                           Click Here


Roll Call Radio
All Cops, All The Time!

Located in Annapolis, MD, is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality public service radio feeds on the net, specializing in police departments.  This site started as a way to share a single scanner with a couple of friends.  But why not share with everyone?

The scanners you are listening to on our feeds are the Uniden Bearcat BCT-15X (analog: Ocean City)  and the GRE PSR-600 (digital: Anne Arundel County, Montgomery County, Baltimore City,  Washington DC and analog: Baltimore County).  The screens you see on the site are a direct reflection of the current screen on the scanner.


                                             Click here

Public Safety Live Scanner Broadcasts on the Internet



Listen live as the police and   fire service respond

Hear live audio of Portland Police, Fire and Emergency service calls (Click Here)

Listen live as the Portland police, EMS and fire services respond to emergency calls, only on



Live Fire and Police Radio

            Venice Beach Cam

Live Web Cam from Venice Beach, California

This is a live webcam from Venice Beach, California, which is updated every few seconds. Venice Beach, just south of Santa Monica, is an eclectic, funky, and definitely unique place where sidewalk vendors line the boardwalk selling their wares, many of the items homemade; and street performers entertain the passing crowds by performing their unusual talents. The Cam is pointing south along the boardwalk, displaying the bike path, beach, pavilion area and the beautiful Pacific Ocean. One of the most interesting times to view Beach Cam is during the weekend, when up to 150,000 people a day visit this exciting place called Venice Beach.


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Ham Radio Resource Guide thousands of radio related resources to make sure you will find what you need for your DX

Welcome to the Live Big Bear Scanner located in Big Bear City, CA (Shay Meadow). Streaming 24/7 since 2002 the Big Bear Scanner is providing the latest realtime audio from Big Bear City Fire, San Benardino National Forest, CalFire, San Bernardino County Fire, CHP, Lake Patrol, and much more!
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Reno, Nevada  Police, Fire and EMS

                       Scannermaster -
U.S. listing of online scanners

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Police Scanner Buddy

      Police, Fire, EMS, ATC, Listen Free
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Live Stream From International Space Station

Radio Scanner
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Radio Scanner
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